Google Play Best Games of 2020 Awards

The best google play games of 2020, the best games have been released, including: the most popular, the best battle, the best independent production, the best casual and the most innovative games.

Minimal Dungeon RPG

Minimal Dungeon is a dungeon-style adventurous battle mobile game. Players in the game only need a simple click to complete. Random equipment grows freely. What kind of person you want to become can be realized. Find your godhead fragments in this dungeon, awaken your past life memories, and activate powerful skills.

Mod, Role Playing


This game is full of fun and combines a variety of different gameplay. Unlock the next area by the number of stars obtained by completing the level. Each level is like a mini game. You can play all levels and different games, which is so fun! There are so many levels and worlds to explore and play!

Arcade, Mod

Maze Machina

Maze Machina is a very fun turn-based maze puzzle game. In this game, the player will play a bullied little mouse. You need to escape the maze created by the robot through the numerous difficulties of the mechanical maze.

Mod, Strategy


Ord is a visual word game in which the player takes an adventure in Dungeons and Dragons by responding to the words given.


Disney Frozen Adventures: Customize the Kingdom

It is an elimination mobile game adapted from the famous movie "Frozen". There are many classic scenes in movies in the game. In addition to elimination gameplay, it also includes a well-developed gameplay. Players need Connecting three or more of the same props together will automatically eliminate them. The exquisite graphics and rich plot are very interesting.

Mod, Puzzle

DreamWorks Trolls Pop: Bubble Shooter & Collection

It’s a very casual level-breaking game. In the game, the player’s friend was looted by monsters. The player embarked on an adventure to save his friend. During the adventure, the player came to a place with many bubbles. At the same time, I got a bubble gun. Bubbles of one color appear randomly in the gun. Players need to color the same color bubbles. Multiple bubbles of the same color can cancel each other out.


Cookies Must Die

The game is very refreshing and the music is also very good. It can be said to be one of the best works of this year. Players who like action games, please try this game for yourself. Although it is difficult to play, the game is fast-paced and the ease of passing levels is also very GOOD.

Action, Mod

GWENT: The Witcher

This is a very mature card strategy game. The game has four major forces each with 3 optional leaders. Its gameplay and strategy and tactics have become more mature while retaining the original features. If you are eager to compete with other players, you might as well challenge players from all over the world in this game.

Card, Play

Bullet Echo

This is a multiplayer online competitive game, sneak into the scene, disappear, and work hard to survive with your teammates to the end. "Bullet Echo" uses a bird's-eye view, the left-hand joystick controls the movement of the character, and the right-hand button completes operations such as changing bombs and healing.


Legends of Runeterra

This is a "League of Legends" strategy card game. The game provides rich strategy dimensions and flexible and diverse card acquisition channels. Players can match their own personalized decks in the game and enjoy the most in the dynamic turn mechanism Pure hero combat system.


The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

This is a Japanese-style role-playing game adapted from a manga of the same name. Players will take risks with the protagonist and gather more teammates. The game adopts a turn-based gameplay, the battle is very interesting, and a series of trials and adventures are launched.

Role Playing

Grand Hotel Mania

This is a horizontal version of a simulated business game. Players will come to run a hotel in the game and lead your partners to provide the most satisfactory service to the guests. Players in the game can also continue to increase the service facilities in the game, so that your hotel can achieve better development. Enjoy casual hotel services.

Adventure, Mod


It is a very interesting construction and management game. In the game, players have a kingdom of their own, but the kingdom is very poor at first. Players need to carry out various reforms and constructions to make their kingdom rich and powerful, and unlock the surrounding land , Expand the country's territory and create a fairy tale kingdom of its own.

Mod, Puzzle

Disney Sorcerer's Arena

This is a new RPG real-time battle mobile game that integrates all the well-known Disney and DreamWorks characters. Dozens of different characters are given different skills and magic characteristics. The battle can be formed into a team of three for level challenges. Manually Automatically switch the game play method at will.

Role Playing

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

This is the elimination game of Harry Potter Adventure. It uses unique spells and match three modes to break through levels. The Harry Potter puzzle-solving spell mobile game also restores the classic plot. Allow players to participate in the battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort.

Mod, Play, Puzzle

Genshin Impact

This is an RPG anime action adventure game. The world is not only beautiful, but also full of many possibilities. There are collectibles and enemies everywhere, and these make the player's exploration always have something to do. The experience of the entire exploration process is very good. Addictive.

Action, Adventure


This game is a fight between brave fighters. The background music of this game is also very passionate about fighting, and it sounds like it will make players very nervous. Create a unique fighting style.


Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends

This is a simulated mobile game about species evolution. In this game, players will start from the cell and witness the birth and development of species. The operation of the game is also very simple, and the gameplay is also very novel and interesting.

Mod, Simulation

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

This is a business simulation game. Who lives in the deep sea? SpongeBob! The most curious part when watching this animation back then must be why Crab Wong Fort is so delicious, right? But it seems that we have never tasted such a delicious hamburger so far. This time you will have the opportunity to get in touch with Crab King and the production of Crab Fort! Because in this game you will transform into SpongeBob and work at Crab Castle!

Casual, Mod


This is a pixel mobile game with exquisite style. In the game, players can use blocks of various colors to create a magical world. The simple operation of the puzzle is not difficult, and it is very suitable for leisure and relaxation.

Mod, Simulation

Life Gallery

A picture, a story, and a way of solving puzzles are the core architecture throughout the game! The style of the game is more horrible, using all kinds of weird paintings to express the various forms of life. The gameplay is relatively simple. Players need to find clues in the game to unlock these secrets and make the truth known to the world.

Mod, Puzzle

Hide 'N Seek!

The gameplay is very interesting. The simulation of a chasing game in the maze. In this game, one will play the escape, the other will play the chaser, and will start a fierce chase in the maze. Using the terrain of the maze, it is successfully completed Hunt for victory.

Action, Mod

Johnny Trigger

The biggest feature of the game is "Bullet time". Bullet time is actually a photographic technology used in movies, TV commercials, or computer games to simulate variable speed special effects, such as enhanced slow-motion, time still, and other effects. When players shoot enemies in "Johnny Trigger", they will enter the "bullet time" and complete the requirements of the level through reasonable operations, which is very fulfilling!

Action, Mod

Sky: Children of the Light

A little girl is looking for her own friends, and the more friends she has, the more things she has! Between the soft light and shadow and the Yunhe River, you will travel freely on the sea of clouds, admire the beautiful scenery, enjoy an unprecedented immersive experience, and meet the unexpected and sincere beauty. Embark on a fantasy and amazing adventure together.

Action, Role Playing


GRIS is one of the best visual art games I have ever played. GRIS immerses players with extraordinary colors, gentle and delicate styles of painting and highly creative performances, and stands out from other similar games.

Action, Adventure


Inbento apk is a warm jigsaw puzzle with a lot of level puzzles and lots of warm, innocent stories, giving players a quiet, comfortable and intimate gaming experience.

Mod, Puzzle