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Additional Information

  • CategoryMod, Role Playing
  • Updated2023-11-06
  • Requires Android4.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.2.0b
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, SQUARE ENIX Co,
  • Get it onGoogle Play
  • ReportReviews

DRAGON QUEST 8 Description

The game is simple and easy, adventure is also very simple, all the way to travel is also very happy, and the rhythm of the game makes people very comfortable, the player as long as the effort can beat the BOSS, this dream in the brave adventure world brought A long time off the intimacy, it is good.

The game tells the king and the princess was full of ambition of the Taoist into a monster and a horse, but also snatched the seal in the king of the wand. And the protagonist is to help the king and the princess and embarked on a distance, halfway found this series of events turned out to be the dark god of the resurrection plan. For the world in order to help the princess to restore the original look, the protagonists must be dark God down. The adventures of the game are straightforward and concise, and the hero and companion appear directly with the adventures of "something", giving a very comfortable feeling.

Full 3D experience is absolutely rich and fresh, the game can also be a first person to view the scene around the scene: grasslands, forests, hills, rivers, snow, etc. These magnificent beautiful scenes in the way of adventure In front of you, you can enjoy the enjoyment. And DQ8 in the barrel or open a cabinet to have a specific action performance, a variety of attack action, run-run, MISS, weakness, poisoning and so can see clearly.

But the performance of the game screen is too delicate will make frequent lens switching and gorgeous action seems to be some drag, however, the players do not need to be too real, with a calm mind to find a lot of interesting places.

The game's sound performance did not say. 1.5G size is indeed great, although less full name of the voice, but excellent lines and characters demeanor and action are perfect, it is enough to make up. Unfortunately, only the Japanese version, the player may miss some very exciting dialogue.

Mobile platform DRAGON QUEST 8 with a vertical screen, one hand operation can be perfectly controlled. This is the manufacturer in order to make the DQ series slightly more complicated text instructions to operate more practical mobile touch screen a measure, if turned into a horizontal screen operation, absolutely want to play to collapse crash.

The movement of the game using the eight arrow keys virtual joystick, viewing angle, automatic walking and rocker position switch keys and the menu through the polymerization of the right side of the screen, the player can move a little bit of thumb, the rocker can change the position , It is located in the left, middle and right three places to adapt to the player's hand-held habits, under the joystick is the angle of view, with the thumb around the drag can adjust the protagonist's orientation and perspective, but also a little up and down.

In the big map and maze can use AUTO one key to walk, the characters automatically run, the player had to take a good direction on the line, especially the big map to run the super convenient to know the 1: 1 map was big, 3D after the look Bigger, although the scenery is good but it is also very terrible to run up. The upper right corner (specifically the position down a little let the small players can point to the point of the thumbnail map will show the location and the face, after the opening can view the complete map, big map, town and maze are the whole show The

The main menu of the game on the right, click on the one after you can see the current time, power, money, team, and then is the various options, and then the options which slightly simplify the need for frequent click on the steps, the system will be more intelligent correspondence Sub-options or ask the dialog box, there are a number of options will appear in the same part of the screen, although compared to many mobile games still complex, but has been very smooth and easy.

Fighting the words to provide a striking AI automatic combat options, some very boring Zabing war can be directly click on "so fight it" and then slowly in the side of the water, watching animation, the system will be set according to the player in advance of the fight Strategy to use Pugong, stunts, magic and reply and so on. If the manual combat, then click on the above can be direct, the same command can be a quick fix.

"Jinsui kettle" synthetic system: DQ8's main event, the valuable equipment of the props in this generation can not be directly obtained, but through the synthesis can be obtained. Synthesis test is everyone's imagination, do not want to use all the external force out more difficult. By looking at the synthetic formula, you can find a lot of early inconspicuous props and equipment through the synthesis can be obtained at the stage than the store sold the higher value of the goods, which can be resolved in the early money panic, and in the follow-up can solve the weapons upgrade The problem.

"Skill point" system: the cancellation of the transfer system, the new LV UP after the allocation of skills to learn the skills of different systems, in fact, we are familiar with the RPG skills tree a deformation. Different characters will appear different skills branch, such as the protagonist and Yang Ge Si is completely different, want to cultivate what kind of role should be based on the role of their own branches to go, but also within the framework of the free to develop. At the same time for different weapons also have different skills, and weapons of the acquisition, the timing and strength of the different. So every time the distribution of skills points when the need for macro planning some strategic increase. There is no universal role in the game, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, will not erase the personality, but also fully respect the player's culture, the role of the special effects of combat on the universal, making every upgrade, every time the distribution of skills are valuable.

"Monster fighting" system: the game to a certain stage of open monster fighting skills field can be arrested in the big map after the strange, and then to participate in the game to win, the system led to a lot of players even the main plot are ignored, addicted to catch the strange athletic can not To extricate themselves, see how successful it is designed.

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