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  • CategoryMod, Role Playing
  • Updated2021-02-13
  • Requires Android4.1 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.1.2
  • DeveloperSEl,
  • Get it onGoogle Play


This series of pre-game drama thought-provoking, Chaos Ring I and Chaos Ring II entangled in "to choose between 'own love' and 'save the world' make a fuss, and CHAOS RINGS III did not The beginning of the game sets the story of a life and death extreme story as before to attract players, but rather like the more traditional RPG, neatly let you from a normal rural boy's daily routine began to integrate into the game However, just as every second year dreamed of being able to save the world one day, this protagonist finally had enough of the ordinary life of pig raising in rural areas and decided to follow her heart to find the paradise in mythology. The story begins. Under the guidance of fate, though the protagonist has gone through hardships, the girl's love will allow him to persevere till the end, no matter whether the outcome is satisfactory or not. However, I believe this full of love, hope and courage The adventure process will not disappoint you.

The role of this piece of art design unity of art style, its own faction, and the cruel story of the story of each other cold and hard to make the game more artistic appeal, impressive.-ApKAwArd.Com

CHAOS RINGS III completely abandon the continuation of the production ideas, character design and story of the plot are fully returned to the traditional Japanese RPG handsome young hero to save the world of the old routine. For the chaos of the ring series of old players, this change is actually very much affect the player's inner feelings, as has always been the cold goddess suddenly became a sticky lovely sister. But on the other hand, the pleasing people, brilliant fantasy story, such changes can actually attract more ordinary players.

Play on a small screen device stand-alone role-playing game, the next is that the game is very affect the experience, a RPG masterpiece, must be a person at home, facing the screen large enough carefully to truly feel the thrill of the game power. "CHAOS RINGS III" on the phone to make the player a better sense of substitution will undoubtedly increase the difficulty will be greatly increased, though, but this made the performance of the game to the extreme.

The beginning of the game, the protagonist stands on the floating island lookout looking up to the entire satellite world, a new unimaginable fantasy world profile so directly in front of you, as the game progresses, the overall picture of the satellite world and Details slowly show up, ordinary people live a leisurely life on the floating island, adventurers to explore the blue planet Treasure, you will unconsciously be attracted by this world, faint in my heart have a wonderful feeling of infinite vision.

In order to further enhance the player's game experience, "CHAOS RINGS III" invited more than 20 popular seiyuu voice story on the main story of the entire story dubbed in the game by adding a number of exquisite CG animation, it is worth mentioning that the pathetic heart But full of hope game theme song even if the enemy of the world.

In addition, the details of the picture for the processing done very well, for example, dialogue, the character expression will change according to their own mood, the scene depicts the game scene is very detailed, only in the hero's life on the island Can find no less than 10 kinds of flowers and trees. Most commendable is that in the place you did not notice, the characters in the game, but live very seriously, for example, in the bedroom of the heroine and sister, put some potted plants on the windowsill, and placed a small Bench, a little thought, you will understand that this small bench is not a pointless scene decorations, but not enough tall sister in order to play potted and put here stomping.

Unimaginable science fiction world, grand grand epic story, a variety of unique personality set cover, compact and diversified story, CHAOS RINGS III has done the perfect combination of art design and sound performance, making the role of the game And the appeal of the story itself greatly enhanced, so that players have a feeling of empathy in the game. Even heroic old-fashioned storylines and deja vu figure characters do not prevent CHAOS RINGS III from becoming a glamorous and engaging game.

CHAOS RINGS III's core gameplay system is designed to be very good, such as the Genius card system that subdivides rarity and stars, a guided maze exploration system, the quest system to promote the main plot and regional plot, change the character wear Image of the equipment system, a wide variety of play props system, and so on, these systems complement each other, greatly enhance the playability of the game.

This task system is the core of the game to promote, in the cosmic port, the player can receive the main line tasks and a large number of regional tasks. Mainline tasks to promote the development of the main line of the story, with the completion of the game have appeared; and a wide variety of regional tasks to deepen the player's understanding of the game world, enrich the player's game experience, but also can be very important for character training Reward.

In the character training, the game provides two lines, one is the accumulation of money to buy equipment; the second is to brush the strange brush material synthesis spirit card, the spirit of the card is the key to the growth of characters in the battle characters do not Direct access to experience, replaced by the card will gain experience to enhance the level to enhance the property to skills, the value of the card attributes will be directly added to the character itself, so when you want to replace the higher quality card when the spirit, you have to Rebuild the blame to develop a new card.

Fortunately, the fighting pace for this very fast, does not make people feel boring feeling boring, and the mine-based adversary system in the game to a certain extent after the freedom to switch, after which players can Free choice, is to enhance the level of combat or as soon as possible to explore the maze to complete the task.

For the players accustomed to the traditional RPG, the characters for the development, collection of elements may have some unacceptable, and the characters associated with the strongest card, a total of 138 kinds of games, and after the start of the game For a long time, the player may only use the ordinary two-star card can be used to obtain the quality of SR's high-star card, can only be repeated to do some boring tasks or unlimited brush a map of the region, the core players want to collect all All 138 cards, the time and effort you can imagine.

In order to allow players to purely enjoy the fun of fighting upgrades, "CHAOS RINGS III" in addition to "story mode" in addition to making a very special arena mode.

This single game mode can even be seen as a common card game nowadays, the Normal level inside the arena is similar to pushing a screenshot in a card game; the Special mode is equivalent to a moving copy, and the completion of the copy will be very rich Rewards, and a copy will be updated from time to time; character use skills need to consume the MP is equivalent to physical value, will be restored over time, in the absence of MP, the characters can only use ordinary attacks, combat effectiveness is very low; more The magic is that you can also open a draw card in the arena store, buy a VIP card, buy special items and super-powerful gear that do not require you to reload in cash, as long as you go back to "story mode" Mission on the line.

In this way, "Arena" mode in the rich gameplay at the same time, but also provide a perfect player for the formation of characters, the player's fragment time in this model which can be fully utilized, the game play because of "competitive The existence of the field becomes more relaxed and pleasant.

Overall, "CHAOS RINGS III" as a stand-alone role-playing game, its gameplay is still very good. And this made special consideration to the characteristics of mobile game player game fragmentation in the game by adding a card game similar to the current tournament "arena" system, even in the customs clearance "story mode", the player also fully Think of this as a card game to play. It seems, "Arena" mode in rich gameplay at the same time, but also provides a perfect player for the formation of characters, the player's debris time in this model which can be fully utilized, the game is played because of "arena "The existence has become more relaxed and happy.

CHAOS RINGS III's game quality has reached an unprecedented peak in the stand-alone role-playing game category on mobile platforms. Goddess guide, the world's call, love and justice partners, full of unknown adventure, CHAOS RINGS III I have been eagerly looking forward to CHAOS RINGS IV after this dream trip to me.

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  1. Pona

    apk 1.1.2 Can't install please fix

    1. apkaward

      Thank you for the reminder, the game 1.1.2 has been fixed, and the test is running at %100.

  2. James Ryan Fortin

    Version 1.1.2 is available with bug fixes, please update the app for latest

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, game update

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