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  • CategoryAdventure
  • Updated2024-03-11
  • Requires Android4.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.0.151
  • DeveloperAmanita Design,
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Botanicula Description

Independent game development team Amanita Design is not very good at compiling complicated stories. If the Machinarium that they once introduced is about the robot love story of hero rescue, then the latest Botanicula "Botanicula" The outline of his story is summarized in the simplest sentences: Five Wastewoods Save the World. The story of both can not be compared with those puzzle games that set the stage on a background story like a sunken tanker, a large ruin estate, a human tragedy and a terrifying mystery, just as everyone is amazed at the "Machinarium" Botanicula "equally surprising.-

Not only vigorous large story structure can grab the swinging gentleman you players heart, Amanita Design is not good at making stories, storytelling is the specialty. The beginning of "Botanicula" uses an animation to explain the background of the story: A monstrous spider delusional devouring the elven trees that Botanicula inhabit, and five warriors set foot on the journey to rescue the Elven Tree in order to keep the last of the elven trees.

The five warriors are Poppy Head, Mr. Feather, Miss Mushroom, Mr. Twig and Mr. Lantern. No accident they have their own unique skills, poppy head belongs to the power type, commonly used in the impact of hard objects; Mr. Feather can fly up to pick up items; Miss Mushrooms are soft body, good bounce; Mr. shoots can ignore the gravity , The ability of the cornices to go wall Le leverage; Mr. Lan's stomach can hide things and so on. Having said that this estimate there are some players feel boring, but also to find a few generous warriors, defeat a mortal devil, interpretation of a personal heroism movie. This story read more, but also tired of panic.

"Botanicula" so that everyone is stunned that the five warriors did not say so magical boundless God, and even they are just a wastewood gang.

They shout and shout for jumping back and forth between the branches, shouting in cheers for some trivial matters, screaming feet shivering, clumsy but useless in the face of monsters bigger and fierce than themselves It is really people can not help laughing.

And when you think that even if the five waste wood waste wood, how to say it is the protagonist, there will always be a time when reeling. Amanita Design shook his index finger again and told you: You guess the wrong pro. Although the five warriors in the game are the main appearances, in fact, in the process of the game, most of the ways to get rid of the clues are not played by the warriors stunt, but with the game appeared in a variety of bizarre, imaginative wizard They interact to complete the task of small branches to come. And, this also set the function of collection of elves pictorial, adventure in the encounter of every genie, do not let him go, even if no clues to solve the puzzle, all "dalliance" some, not only can see Each elves varied lives, but also into the wizard book.

Therefore, the chance of solving the mystery directly by five waste Chai Warriors is not much, which is also in line with the game's name "Botanicula" - "All Elves" who inhabit the elven tree is the real protagonist.

Let me talk about this picture. The overall game style ethereal clear, with color bold and harmonious. Elf tree transparent body slightly transparent green, you can clearly see the branches interwoven veins. In every corner of the leafy are perched with a grotesque elves, although the elves vary in color, but can be well coordinated with the overall picture together. Each picture of the branches of leaves through the far and near coke processing, a strong sense of the picture and three-dimensional, so that players seem to be placed in lush elven trees. Each creature has a very imaginative design. Only a few of the spirits can replace the description with a living creature or object in reality. Most elves are fanciful in appearance. The style at first glance may seem very rough, but more like a fantasy world created by a naive child. The less sophisticated but full of sincerity and playfulness are the words. Background melodious melodious, just right rendering, but also back to nature.

As a result of being in a colorful world of fairy ice, and also from the common real-world puzzle solution in the way of solving the mystery, you can drill into the stomach of a large insect, you can dive into the dark beehive, and other elves can also use a seven-star scoop Pest racing. You want to have unexpected. This process of solving the puzzle as a whole is not too difficult, but because of the variety of puzzles and occasionally does not conform to common sense, allowing players to understand the contents of the game while also make some whimsy. Difficult is not the puzzle process, the difficulty is to find out which answer with which puzzle.

This puzzle works as a green theme, did not use any text but fairy tales presented a story that everyone can understand - in the wizard's world, the huge elven trees, there are lakes and caves There are also low-lying mountains, the tree is the world. Elves are like humans of different races and different colors on Earth. And that five waste Chai Warriors, whether it is a symbol of those forces are small, but physically and concretely advocate people to protect the environment of the earth defender it?

Although the earth is very large for humans, the living environment of mankind has gradually been undermined by our unknowing. Whether ecological destruction is due to man-made or natural disasters, even if our individual ability is insignificant, as long as people are willing to stand up and work together, great difficulties can be overcome and the injured earth can finally be repaired. Even the small capacity, but also the responsibility to protect their homeland.

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