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  • CategoryMod, Role Playing
  • Updated2019-09-18
  • Requires Android4.1 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity ()
  • Current Version1.5.3
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, Mika Mobile,
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Battleheart Legacy Description

It successfully simplifies a RPG while giving tons of replay content with choice and consequences and satirical humor -

Two years grinding sword, crafted. "Battleheart Legacy" 3D screen amazing performance at 45 degrees overlooking the perspective, a look that is working slowly. Character modeling exquisite, smooth lines and soft, rich and diverse variants, each have a color. The description of the scene is even more commendable, bluestone, green grass, the town roadside flowers slowly swaying; red carpet, wooden tables and chairs, the royal banquet of the food coveted. When fighting the performance of the screen in place and gorgeous, swords and iron shields, spells and spells, killing in the light and shadow fluctuations gradually. Spared no expense in ink and color, the war was refreshing to see comfortable, hearty.

The game's music is not shocking nor impetuous, may be able to count the light dance melodious. Moderate rhythm of the music is full of positive energy, always lingering in the ears of the player, the right sound accompanied by the role of the move, from time to time echoed. Plot and battle along the way and not too nervous, exciting and not exhausted, music is the emotion of the King should be released.

Under the guidance of the Enlightenment Instructors came to the town of Eston, players began to encounter the first wave of NPC in the journey, a few superficial tasks also followed. Then the adventure gradually divergent, the hero step by step toward a larger stage. "Battleheart Legacy" highly free game process, the plot does not have obvious linear guidelines, players can meet the order of meeting one by one to complete the task commissioned, but also can be unconstrained with their will to sweep the map.

Dozens of scenes on the map of the hand-drawn kingdom are awaiting exploration, but need to be carefully chosen based on the level of caution. After receiving the task the target location will be highlighted on the map, once the task more inevitably some confusion, not easy to remember. Although the game's plot and the proportion of fighting properly, but the messy arrangements and disorderly intersex intersex feel always lack of organized. However, the capital royal family looking for "Solar Crystal" mission reward of up to 2000000 gold coins, all of a sudden play an infinite cohesion, all off the sidelines desalination, as a foil and its pinch together.

"Solar Crystal" mission fragments of the three relics were scattered in the kingdom territory of the West, North and East corner, the protagonist must travel across the hell and back to see the final outcome. During the long journey, players can obtain widely known or obscure confidential information from all walks of life. All these kinds of clues are intertwined. Like puzzles, they finally make up the hidden secret of this distressed China.

The only difficulty is that the slightest logical order of the plot is laid out in a full English language environment. It is unfortunate not to read it and it is hard to read it. In many cases, the player must make the right decision in the story, different options will naturally lead to different outcomes. In general, the yellow expression is the hero of the great man for the country's heroic spirit, blue expression reflects a little selfish selfish, the red expression is undoubtedly full of provocation and kill intention, need Think twice or otherwise regrettable.

Eston, whether it's a sailing adventure, or the capital of the kingdom in the center of the map, is the logistic base for the player's character. The three core buildings perform their duties and provide the necessary support.

The College of the Book icon is the place where the character chooses vocational study skills. The "hammer" icon smithy is a place to buy gear and sell loot. "Beer" icon of the tavern, is encountering colored travelers, inquire about the news triggered the story.

In addition, players may also encounter various kinds of passengers in their homes or on the streets in order to receive short-term employment tasks.

"Battleheart Legacy" initial optional five career players enter the Eston town entrance to the college you can see hunters, knights, warriors, mages and Assassins 5 instructors in order, through a simple dialogue to understand vocational characteristics after apprenticeship Art can be. In fact, the career options in the game far more than that, the rest of the career mentor hidden in different scenes, the need for the player to complete a specific task or meet the appropriate conditions will reveal the true body.

For example indulge in Eston pub slightly mad bards, such as seclusion in the second task scene Gobwood witch, another example is the capital pub was drunkard female monk.

Therefore, players need to pay attention to each side looks not so simple characters, preferring to grasp the principle of error is not missed, the 12 vocational mentors gathered together say.

More pleased is that the player's ability to train the characters do not have to go one by one, the mentor of the students have no restrictions on the portal. A character can both learn Master skills, you can also learn warrior skills, and even full-time part-time. However, between the difficulty of escalation and the fact that the more advanced the skills in the later stages, the proper balance of expertise is the right path.

Combat Battleheart Legacy is the game's main point of play, using a concise real-time combat system. The initial game-based combat skill-based flat cut supplemented by the occupation also has a completely different fighting style. Warrior's ultimate goal is to treat damage as nothing, the assassin accustomed to the black hand under the stealth and then wait for the next shot opportunity, long-range occupation need to maintain an appropriate distance and enemies, more output less beaten is the truth.

Relative to the previous work, there is no team combat (in fact, when the individual tasks or some, but his teammates can not control), there is no rush, but eye movement is still the basic skill RPG. No matter what the occupation, Hit & Run are very important operating skills, such as CD-ROM running skills, so the cycle can reduce a lot of wear and tear. Whether to maintain a safe distance, the use of skills and time syrup, the face of multiple enemy kill order, respectively, reflect the player's combat capability.

The difficulty of the game can be set in the system menu, the minimum difficulty when the potion infinite, the maximum difficulty under enemy life and attack have a substantial increase, players can freely choose according to need, in order to obtain the most satisfactory experience. As for the crazy mode menu, is a kind of kill red eyes of the state of all the people, no time or do not bother to find trouble.

"Battleheart Legacy" fighting refreshment and sense of impact is in place, whether it is hard or crash shock are moderately measured. Skill effects and synergy sound to create gorgeous and fluent fighting sensory, want to play the role of post-game characters speed and attack frequency increased dramatically, should be able to have more room for operation. Correspondingly, nature is more exciting fighting picture.

When entering the game to create characters, players can simply choose the gender and appearance through the avatar. After the continuous fighting growth, we can differentiate a variety of training courses.

In "Battleheart Legacy," player characters gain experience through real-time combat, gold coins and gear as a booty. Each time a character is upgraded, there will be 3 attribute points for allocation to the following six items.

STR (Strength): enhance melee attacks

DEX (agile): enhance the bow system attacks, dodge and melee SALW attacks

INT (Intellect): The key to casting spells and using magic props

SKI (skills): improve the probability of crit

END (endurance): to enhance the upper limit of life and the ability to wear heavy armor

CHA (Charm): Enjoy a price advantage when trading and learning skills

In fact, in the game, add point is not a very complicated issue. Because each skill is based on two attributes as a prerequisite for learning, in the case of multi-career with a lot of optional skills, players only need to assign attribute points according to your favorite skills can be. Property points always seem stretched, it will temporarily encounter some troubled way.

Learning skills is a gradual process that you must learn one by one in the order that the instructor provides, and you have to pay more and more for it. For a character, having one master occupies the ability to quickly learn several powerful post-skills, while the rest of the supporting professions can make up for the deficiencies in the main occupations and increase the diversity of combat tactics. A total of 12 games throughout the game and more than 150 kinds of active and passive skills, patient players can try to create a career without dead ends, you should need a lot of time and money costs.

Note: At the same time only at least eight active skills can be used in combat.

Buy equipment is another place to play gold coins, players can buy weapons in the smithy, armor and talisman class equipment, to fill their own five field equipment. These gear to enhance the role of attack, defense and spell strength, but also bring some additional effects. Up to 200 pieces of equipment waiting to be collected within the game, a wide range of image variants also make people full of expectations.

It should be noted that, "Battleheart Legacy" without any purchase, the acquisition of gold is not easy. Early killing a monster only a single digit of gold falling, while the price of hundreds of easily equipped equipment, it is some gaps. Monster drop equipment is the cheapest way players collect equipment, and the repeated sale of equipment to the blacksmith also suffered substantial exploits, can not help but sigh.

Every once in a while, the equipment sold in the smithy will be updated, and players will stay tuned to learn about the latest market.

Unrestricted free exploration, rich professional, equipment and other RPG elements to the players relatively open and lasting enough wonderful game. Dozens of hours are not necessarily enough, repeated play will not be abominable. Even if the episode draws a full stop on the risk may not be over, the desire for the collection and the pursuit of full skill is inexhaustible journey.

The things that are created amaze the audience and need a good talent; the details of the work presented are perfect, with the utmost care and effort. From any angle, "Battleheart Legacy" is a very good recent action RPG game, with a solitary Ranger perspective, swords all over the country under distress. 3D images can be seen everywhere in the fine rendering, heroic image of the rich and varied dress. A wide range of occupations can be melded into one, can be both far and near both parents; a lot of equipment for collecting collections, or attack or anti-class variety. In addition to expecting a broader and more solid game content, there is not much to be overkooled.

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