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  • CategoryMod, Role Playing
  • Updated2023-03-04
  • Requires Android3.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version2.5.16.6b
  • DeveloperBeamdog, Editor's Choice,
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Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Description

At the beginning of the game, the protagonist was tortured by the mysterious sorcerer magic in the dungeon, instantly putting players into adventure. Childhood playmate Imoen appeared after the sorcerer left for some reason, and the ancient amnesiac started. Players just witnessed a magical battle with fellow Prisoners in retreat from the dungeon. As a result of the fighting Imeon was forcibly taken away, the protagonist also has a phased goal, caught the main line.

The next process is to constantly explore and accept the fate of the call. Everything around is full of mystery of the fantasy world, never seen as simple. Box may be a locker may also be trap agencies, treasure hunt may have to win a fortune may also play a small life. The many choices in the story quietly affect the future direction, even if the casual character dialogue also implies a lot of key. Few games have so many stories rich in background NPC, players will be accompanied from start to finish, some of them hidden in the most prominent, there are many wonderful extraordinary.

The shortest between the two points is a straight line, but the game is always advancing forward as the history of twists and turns. Unpredictable things appear one after another, drag the pace of the player, extending the game's space. Baldur's Gate II is not very suitable for the time of play, more than one million words framed a large legendary and divergent plot, it is difficult to catch the touch in the taste. In fact, the game is a lot of deep meaning attached to the language and text, which is remembered by some players.

One of the charms of RPG games is to keep growing through the crisis. So before the final decision comes, things are always moving in a not-so-good direction. Baldur's Gate II in the protagonist is not a moral model, orbital order, good or not depends on the environmental judgments and coping styles, and continued to gradually change. Sometimes, the right choice can avoid some unnecessary trouble. However, more wear and tear are inevitable, players are always unknowingly caught in the sudden chaos war.

In the first enhanced version of the newly added 3 adventurers Mad Men Neera, Orc Black Guard Dorn, human monk Rasaad's personal story has also been a better continuation, and to show a more powerful ability. In addition, there is a brand new adventure role female thief Hexxat waiting for the player experience, her story has some different, even more fascinating. The above content together with a DIY portrait package constitutes a paid content within the game, you can like to pick up.

Plot and story will always be the highlight of Baldur's Gate II. The world in the game is like an ancient ruin of the burials, waiting for the player to dig up the deep book of curPhoneity there, then slowly opening the dust-covered cover. The coming general, the wrong is inevitable, but the consequences of the error, is often the other extreme.

Time is the most heartless, leading generations of change, innovation. Baldur's Gate II retains the style of the year's picture, but also doomed to very difficult to integrate into today's environment. Despite the enhancements and adaptations to the resolution, the final effect can not be considered in detail with the existing work. Screen zoom process belongs to the era of rough from time to time, it is difficult to retain the player's eyes. But even after years, Baldur's Gate II's scene creates a masterly, slightly diabolic tone that paints a fantastic continent that only exists in the imagination. Magnificent city, gloomy door, mysterious island, wilderness village, the atmosphere and the sense of the place of the picture does not have too much time mark.

Music is not as significantly affected by technical means as the picture, more is the spiritual level of communication. Baldur's Gate II background music, dubbing and sound still maintained a strong vitality, as good as the year. Many, many feelings, are not quite remember, but when it sounded, there are some familiar things across from the front. Perhaps it has become a passenger. Maybe, it's still somewhere.

Sometimes, want to keep the classic works of the times, no longer easy to fade. So there are some unrealistic ideas, for entertainment only. Talk back to the screen, in fact, needless to say. Formerly amazing now light, life is only rudiment.

Keynesian economics theory points out that changes in investment can cause changes in income or consumption several times, and changes in income or consumption can cause changes in investment several times (accelerating effect). It is the interaction of multipliers and accelerations, Caused a cyclical economic fluctuations.

A lot of players will have a similar cyclical experience when they touch for the first time and gradually dig into the "Baldur's Gate" series of games. This game world based on expert dragon and dungeon rules is too large and contains much more information than foreseen.

This story, which took place on the shores of the sword, opened the door for the players. Many people started to know the sword bay from here and they heard the winter city without hesitation and came to know Phelan. Much like reading, the more you know, the less you learn. The more you invest in the game, the more extensions you find.

Perhaps the player initially only wanted a hearty fight, but he needed to think carefully when creating the character. Race, camp, career, attributes, skills, skilled, contains too much to grow. When the players spend a lot of time to familiarize themselves and set foot on the adventure, there will be deep problems - shift, part-time, specialization, etc., need more time to research and actual test. Players will gradually appreciate the importance of teamwork during combat, so teammates' choice and training direction, encounter wartime walk and instant practice will become the new time consuming items. After the battle routine harvest, items and props will give advanced topics - Enchanting, synthesis, the results of a variety of dice calculation and verification.

This cyclical process is very interesting: Players invest time into the game, the higher the level of engagement, the more rewarding information they receive from the larger system. The amount of information to be inflated will guide players to invest time multiplied to learn and experience, quite a bit like multiplier principle. However, the multiplier-acceleration model in economic theory will eventually be constrained by constraints and will not expand indefinitely. This effect in Baldur's Gate II is limited by the margin set by the Forgotten Set of National Campaigns.-ApkAwarD.Com

It is hard to imagine that such an early RPG work can support hundreds of hours and not so boring repeated game time. Although there are still many bugs, they can not hide their classic side. This half-round battle is a clever combination of instant action and turn-based tactics, and the occasional encounter on the Baldur's Gate II journey is definitely an exciting experience.

In addition the game also continued the first enhanced version of The Black Pits mode, that is, 6-member group limited initial level and money survival mode. Players can hone team fighting skills here, and challenge the more and more difficult enemies. For novices, it is a good rule to keep as many stages as possible during the game, and the frequency of saving depends on how much you believe in yourself. The system's automatic save function is likely to help you, but a qualified adventurer should take the opportunity in their own hands.

The players in front of Baldur's Gate II, like the 28th law, are divided into the majority and the minority. Most people can be generous praise, regarded as a classic, but only a few people are willing to go deep into, obsessed with it.

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