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OBB installation location -> /Android/obb/com.ea.gp.apexlegendsmobilefps/

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  • CategoryAction
  • Updated2023-02-10
  • Requires Android6.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (online)
  • Current Version1.3.672.556
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, ELECTRONIC ARTS,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

Apex Legends Mobile Description

Apex Legends is a multi-platform free and team battle battle royale game. Among them, I saw the free elements and multi-platform publishing elements, professional skills elements and teamwork elements of a variety of games.

Excellent map design. The 17 divided areas on the map have their own characteristics. For example, the "Tears of the Poor" area is densely covered with houses, and various front and rear doors and alleys extend in all directions. The test is not only the accuracy of close combat, but also the terrain. The mastery level of all kinds of detours in order to defeat the enemy/escape.

The swamps and waterfalls are equipped with sliding ropeways, and the space has changed from a flat surface to a three-dimensional valley with height differences. How to use the ready-made ropeways to quickly approach the target or escape is a strategic consideration. As for the popular high-level loot areas, the terrain is more complex and deadly. Attacks can come from all directions, and close combat occurs frequently. Therefore, using guns to move at high speed and sliding shovel to roam with opponents is the core of the battle. The squat is not desirable.

It can be said that memorizing the map and making full use of the terrain have become a key to the play of "APEX Hero". Successfully use the terrain to hit the enemy unexpectedly or in a reversal, this sense of accomplishment is difficult to provide in other similar games.

The 8 characters currently announced in "APEX Heroes" are divided into four categories: offense, defense, recovery, and support according to their functionality. Each has a passive skill and a short CD active skill, in addition to a long CD move. . For example, the lifeline of the recovery-type character can release a healing robot to provide health recovery for everyone nearby. The airdrop pod summoned by the ultimate move is a good helper for the team to quickly upgrade the equipment in the early stage. Those with a high rate of appearance can launch a wide range of smoke bombs, which can play a great role in both offensive and fleeing. The big air strikes are not only powerful, but can also disrupt the battlefield in the face of a large number of enemies.

The battle rhythm of "APEX Heroes" is more lively, the players will be more purposeful and pertinent, and they are more willing to take the initiative to fight through the combination of fancy operations and terrain.

Simple and efficient team battles, starting from the selection of roles at the beginning, the cooperation between the players determines how far the follow-up team can go. Do you want to complement the roles of your teammates, or choose a professional support team that is helpful to the skill team? The subsequent airdrop decision to drop location is a test of the three players' understanding of the map and mechanism. Do you have the confidence to go straight to the high-end loot hotspot with other players for a landing group stand, or choose a remote area for awkward development? The three-person team system determines that a leader with a clear thinking and overall view is better than a lone wolf who is capable of fighting alone.

At the same time, the game provides a very convenient marking system in order to facilitate communication between players without voice. You can tell your teammates where the enemy is, where to go next, what items are in front of you, and what level you are. At the same time, the voice that comes with the character will also automatically broadcast the battle situation on the field. When encountering an enemy, hitting a bullet, using drugs, diversified information transmission, teammates cooperation is clear at a glance.

"APEX Heroes" allows players to pick up the resurrection codes of their fallen teammates and resurrect their teammates on the resurrection platform everywhere on the map. This means that before the group is destroyed, the team still has a chance to comeback. Such a mechanism once again demonstrated the importance of teamwork while reducing the player's frustration. Li Damao relied on resurrecting his fallen teammates to win the game many times.

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7 Reviews “Apex Legends Mobile

  1. Boblobla

    Hope u guys keep this updated I appreciate what you are doing here

  2. Laith

    It will work or ask me to download it from Google store?

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, the game works fine.

  3. Hanzy

    Pls update apex legend when launching game it says update the game as it is not available in my country so i can not update from store new update is 6.5556.9 something like that pls update soon as u can also thankyou for all these games i think limbo game does not work but other games i did from here works ty

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, the game is updated and works fine.

  4. Unknown monkey

    New update for this game?

    1. apkaward

      This is the latest version

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