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  • CategoryCasual, Mod
  • Updated2018-09-04
  • Requires Android2.3 and up
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  • Current Version1.9.25
  • DeveloperRovio,
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Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Description

The birds are incarnation for the Jedi warrior, continue to fight with the pig camp in the end -

Birds song - influenced by the six works, the birds seem to have forgotten the anger, just like a smug expression, this is the rhythm of singing the song?

The biggest difference from the previous works is that each chapter's levels are divided into two parts: Revenge of the Furious Bird and Green Pig's Counter Strike, but even so, the game's levels are still relatively small. The two chapters A total of 80 levels, plus a special chapter of 32 levels. As always, the game still uses the form of comic pictures to describe this rare story, which occurs every few levels.

Similar to the above, each of the birds in this book corresponds to a character in Star Wars, each of which has a proprietary abilities such as a laser sword, a shock wave, a boomerang, a claw, etc. Developers are trying to use these capabilities to increase the fun and difficulty of the game. Because of this, this scene is also more complex and changeable, the location of birds and green pigs is no longer a fixed left and right, and sometimes even up and down distribution.

As for the play, do not have to make more introduction, look at the screenshots will be clear at a glance, years of constant Nu Wa play, but this made a change before the classic version and the space version of the mixed level layout method, in the ordinary chapters of the levels are classic Edition play, special chapters of the levels are space version of play. The birds are armed, pigs are not far behind, armored vehicles are also used, but do not be nervous, that seemingly large armored vehicles in fact very fragile, a few smashed.

Pig Ming - This time, the Green Pig finally recovered his "dignity," really played a leading role, even if it is against the birds and how?

I think this time, the green pigs should be able to smugly laugh back, stolen eggs for many years, this time finally got into a slingshot, launched a more violent attack on the birds, want a lot of urgent Players who want to hit the pig hit the birds should also be stealing music. Whether it is the revenge of a small bird or the counterattack of a green pig, the gameplay is the same. The only difference is that the skills of the green pig are slightly different from those of a small bird. However, this also makes no difference. The same, the player has to do is to be the heart of that hurdle, really bear the birds start?

The first time entering the game will first start with the Fury level, the accumulation of a certain number of stars to open the first chapter of the Green Pig level, when the first chapter of the twenty angry bird level after the end, you can enter the second chapter , This time players can choose according to their own preferences is to first the Angry Birds level or the Green Pig level, after the selected one, the other part will be locked in the game to reach the appropriate conditions before they can .

Toys - the so-called characteristics and attempts, that is, with or without the customs clearance have no effect?

This is a distinguishing feature from the previous five games. Players can in fact buy physical bird toys and then scan them to form corresponding roles in the game to help players pass through the levels. However, the real demo only found that this feature is only an auxiliary function of the game, with or without, with or without the player does not affect the game to experience all the levels, so many can not buy birdie toys area can rest assured This is not the way to special or hidden levels, but it is assumed that there will be some new characters that can only be imported into toys later, with no discounts on part of the game. The way the toy is imported is also very simple. At each level, the corresponding icon in the upper left corner can be clicked to enter the prompt interface.

Hidden levels - golden eggs gone, replaced by the map?

Hidden map can be found in some specific levels, in order to open the hidden level, the equivalent of the previous golden egg level.

Special chapter - is too simple for ordinary checkpoints? Better to challenge the special level, how?

Each time you pass a level in a normal level, you can gain the corresponding experience from the characters of the Angry Birds that are used. When the experience is full, you can open the corresponding level of the character in a particular chapter. The levels in this chapter are more difficult, Play similar to the space version of the form, designed for players who love the challenge to prepare.

Reward - Is this a benefit for players who can not buy toys?

In the course of the game continue to accumulate the degree of completion, after the full can get the corresponding reward, some are slingshot coins (for the mall to buy props), while others are spree, open the package can be a variety of bird placed in the props column , This game does not seem like a large area of ​​Condor injury props, players can adjust the game only have a variety of birdie characters, if you are not satisfied with the current level of the role, or the use of the default role can not pass the level Case, the props column can be selected to join the game to help clearance.

The birds finally have new skills. The game continues to improve with the progress of time, including the screen, sound and gameplay.

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