2020 Farm Management Android Game

I believe that many people have played classic farm management simulation games. Each player has a small town of their own, and they can collect resources through planting, breeding, production, and trading. The elements of the farm are basically there. Then you can open a zoo and a restaurant, and the official will update the activity after a while. You can do it with the friends of the community. Adding an active community is very important. Chatting and playing together every day ... Farm management games are a popular genre that allows players to experience the challenges and rewards of running their own virtual farm. These games typically involve tasks such as planting and harvesting crops, taking care of livestock, managing finances, and expanding the farm.

Farming Simulator 20

There are a lot of games in the game, and the price is very expensive, you need to pay for it, you have to consider the speed of horsepower. Cost-effective personal recommendation yellow tractor, I bought a lot later, fast, horsepower. In terms of fertilization, there are fertilizers and swamp fertilizers that require you to choose. When the crop is mature, you need to consider the market price. Yes, this game has a market price. As time goes by, you need to choose whether to sell or store it and wait for the price to be good.

Mod, Simulation

Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper apk is a role-playing game. The protagonist plays a car accident on the way to work. The soul travels from modern times back to the Middle Ages and becomes a grave guard. In order to return to the future, we have to complete the task assigned by the NPC, and the necessary link in the various task chains is to deal with the body.

Mod, Role Playing

Idle Farming Empire

Idle Farming Empire apk is a simulation business game, you will have an oversized farm, you need to grow crops to earn gold, unlock more land to expand your farm area, use gold to invest more The agricultural project becomes the top agricultural empire, and you will be the richest peasant in the world!

Mod, Simulation

Blocky Farm

Blocky Farm apk is a pixel farm simulation game where players can experience the most authentic farm life by setting up farms, water trucks, pig pens, farming fields and other farm work. Players can build their own warehouses and buildings. Raise animals.

Casual, Mod, Simulation

Tsuki Adventure

Tsuki Adventure apk is a casual adventure game that is perfect for relaxing for a long time. You will eat with cute rabbits, watch the stars, and make friends with the animals! Start your exploration in the countryside and feel the simple country world.

Adventure, Mod

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley apk is a classic analog RPG game with a retro pixel style and a high degree of freedom of gameplay. Players can experience an unprecedented rural life in the game. You can farm, build, raise livestock, and develop emotional lines and NPCs in the game to get married. The game content is fun and full of challenges.

Mod, Role Playing

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2: Country Escape apk is a particularly addictive game that harvests basic ingredients such as wheat, corn, carrots, etc., or harvests fruit trees, such as apples and peaches, by picking fruit trees. Or you can harvest some animal products, such as milk, eggs, etc., by breeding some animals;

Casual, Mod


A simulation of business games, we have to create a dream town through our own efforts. Game screen is very beautiful, all kinds of buildings are very stylish appearance, and each building will have its own special state.

Casual, Mod

Hay Day

A very fun casual farm game, as a farm game and other games of the same type compared to simple operation without cumbersome little bit, just gently slide your finger easy to understand easy to use, interesting style, music, relaxed and happy. Do not miss this Hay Day like this type of friend.


Farming Simulator 18

The game has a vast open world in which players can grow and harvest crops such as wheat, canola, corn, beets, potatoes, sunflowers, breeding pigs, cattle and sheep, participate in forestry activities and sell your goods in volatile markets Keep expanding your farm!

Educational, Mod, Simulation

Pocket Harvest

Cultivate crops with love, ranging from crisp lettuce to succulent strawberries, and refine them into prizewinning produce to bring orders from the local grocers flooding in. Adorable animal friends will lend a helping hoof too, providing milk, wool, eggs, and more!

Mod, Strategy

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE apk mod is a pixel adventure game with an open and free game world and an unimaginable gameplay that is very popular among players. Players can venture alone, or with friends, explore the randomly generated world and create amazing miracles. Open a unique exploration journey. Explore adventures with your friends.

Action, Adventure, Mod