Best Games of 2021 Awards

Summary of the best games of the year, and share the best games of 2021 with you. These are just a few examples of the highly regarded games released in 2021. The gaming industry is diverse and constantly evolving, so there are many more games worth exploring based on your personal preferences and gaming platform of choice.

Diablo APK DevilutionX - Diablo port

Wow~ With an emulator, you can play the full Diablo PC game on your Android phone. Start recalling classic games right away. This is an ARPG combat action game. Experience different challenges in each adventure. One day, an evil demon king appeared and brought chaos to the continent, and the brave man embarked on a journey again.

Action, Mod

Kawaii Mansion: Hidden Objects

Enjoy some interesting stories in the lovely mansion! Kawaii Mansion is a development and management game with a very cute style. Collect materials to decorate your mansion and experience the fun of leisure and development. You can match as you like and try different decoration styles. After the layout is completed, you can control your character to live in your own mansion and trigger some interesting interactive plots.

Mod, Puzzle

7 Billion Humans

This is a puzzle game for players, but in this game you will have to control more employees and challenge more complex puzzles. In each level, your boss gives you a task.


MARVEL Future Revolution

This is a hot-blooded action mobile game that allows you to start exciting battles in the Marvel world. Step into this sci-fi-filled game, constantly control new Marvel heroes, and expand endless exploration in the universe. The virtual world can bring more exciting adventure life, you can train powerful Marvel warriors, and start adventures with you.

Role Playing

Chicken Police – Paint it RED!

Orcs, guns, jazz, alcohol, leather, gangsters and detectives, movie-like narrative atmosphere. First of all, I like chickens very much. Players can cross-examine and organize clues several times and they can pass it perfectly. All kinds of dialogues are very interesting, the dubbing is really great, and it successfully brings in the character's personality and soul.


Pokémon UNITE

The pokemon unite game is a brand new moba competitive mobile game. The familiar Pokémon will be found in the pokemon unite. The game combines Pokémon and moba competitive gameplay for the first time. The team scores high in the pokemon unite. Only one side is considered a victory, which is fairer and more tests teamwork. The game also adds evolutionary methods, free choice of skills, so that your evolution is no longer single.



Retro game elements challenge your way of thinking, an interesting game. Very creative fusion, traditional virtual buttons have been made part of the game.



The game is a more traditional 2D horizontal shooting game. Weapons include melee weapons and long-range weapons. The types are quite abundant; there are three different professions to choose from, and each profession has its own skills. You can dodge during the battle, and the player will play the role of a bounty hunter to defeat many bosses.

Action, Mod

Suspects: Mystery Mansion

The suspect was found through clues, and the mystery of the murder was solved successfully. Players need to have a lot of room for smart thinking, to find out the suspect here, every detail is worth thinking about. Choose your favorite character image and start your reasoning challenge.


Cats in Time

An adventure through time, manipulating time to solve puzzles. Cats in Time is a cat hunting game about time and space. The style of the game is super healing. Players will enter various places with soothing music, looking for cats hiding in them. Cute cats like to play peekaboo. I wonder if you can find them all?

Mod, Puzzle


This is a puzzle adventure game. The whole picture in the game has a strong paper and ink style. Here you will embark on an unknown adventure and decrypt the journey quickly due to revenge, and solve the hidden story puzzles. Rush to the finish line smoothly to change your destiny and start a story of revenge.


Ronin: The Last Samurai

This is a 3D fighting competitive game based on Japanese ninjas. As a powerful ninja in the game, players need to use their various ninjutsu to eliminate all opponents, and the fights of each character are very cool and exciting.

Action, Mod

Bird Alone

I am afraid of walking alone, bathing alone, eating alone, and sleeping alone. These things that are too common for ordinary people will become great pain once they are placed on me. These times have never been relaxing or leisurely for me. I have to fill my brain with constant thinking, or my heart will drift to an island full of loneliness.


Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

This game is a typical parkour game. Players need to manipulate characters to avoid obstacles in the map, collect fruits in boxes, and defeat enemies on the way. There are multiple maps in the game for players to experience, such as tropical rain forests, lost cities, temple ruins and so on.

Action, Mod

The Procession to Calvary

This is a very fun historical-style object-finding and puzzle-solving game. In the game, players can see a variety of oil painting style game screens. Players find clues in these game scenes and successfully crack the truth. There are a large number of European and American style game map scenes waiting for you in the game Come to challenge.


Puzzling Peaks EXE

This is an interesting physics puzzle game. Players need to control the ball for adventure. The game tests the player’s skills. Come and challenge.


Donut County

Donut County is a game with casual strategy gameplay. Players will control a "hole" that will gradually grow to devour everything in a strange world. The artistic sense of surrealism is really exciting. You will control a hole in the ground~ and every time you swallow something, the hole will be bigger than the original.

Mod, Puzzle

League of Legends: Wild Rift

This is the world's most popular multiplayer competitive game. There are hundreds of individual heroes in the game, as well as a ranking system, rune system and other characteristic development systems.


Garena Free Fire MAX

This is a very interesting shooting game. There are a lot of activities waiting for players to participate in. You can harvest a lot of weapons and improve your abilities. In the game, players can meet many powerful opponents, and you need to work hard to defeat them and gain victory.