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SPLIT BULLET Description

This is an extremely straightforward! But extremely sad game! If so is the pain in the extreme pleasure, you are willing to accept it?

In a simple geometric figure, Akira, zoom, suddenly appear on the basis of geometric graphics, stuck and blurred the basis of the simple intertwined, such as a bottle of spirits as extreme extreme gaming experience, but the limit is cool. And even sub-machine auxiliary output to make you difficult to do a good job in the crisis of the screen in the fight for more opportunities. Of course this pleasure will not be too long, monochrome background is easy but also very addictive design pleasure. In addition to challenging different levels and boss there are endless models, but no matter which are absolutely not easy.

The whole people feel the production should not be too stunning works, whether it is music color style are in its strength to prove one thing: minimalist ------ plain light is true.

Of course, this work is also too frustrating shortcomings! The screen too much effect ah vibration ah, flashing ah, ah bar ah bar will make people under the judge, but also because the operation of too many duang makes the phone may be because of Caton and the end of your killings, the last Finally, the biggest drawback of this game, that is, instantaneous death of frustration and re-emergence of the sense of resistance, will make the player a significant loss of interest, then you will like this game and difficult to extricate yourself?