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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Description

There are a lot of players who did not touch the sandbox game, the first entered the "Minecraft" game world on the go, there is no novice guide, no operation guide, no teaching level of course, there is no task prompt, how to play this game in the end ah.

"Minecraft" portable version of the creation mode and survival mode of two game modes, in the creation mode, the player has the highest degree of freedom, can use all the squares, objects, animals and monsters, and their number is unlimited. There is no enemy in creation mode, there is no health value, so players do not have to worry about security issues, what they want to do to go!

From water to land, rocks, houses and even celestial bodies in the sky, and even humans, animals, and monsters, they are all boxes, and the simple elements of boxes make up the entire pixel screen of Minecraft. do not go to this step on the game disappointed, then you can really miss a God-level game, is due to its "no importance" of the screen, prompting the world full of creativity, imagination of the players Create a variety of material packages to make Minecraft, your world's picture presentation more diverse.

Before entering the game can be planned first want to build what kind of building you want, covers an area, the internal structure of what, what materials can also be the same as the engineering drawings recorded. This will save you a lot of time and money when compared to building in the game. Of course, there are also free to like, think of where to build where the players, please use your favorite way to create their own favorite world!

Into Minecraft survival mode, you will come to a randomly generated world, villages, deserts, desert island? No one can guess that this claim to have eight Earth map will send you where to go, to achieve an infinite world. In this random location is where you started the pioneering pioneer life. Felling the trees to get the building materials, hunting to meet the basic survival, to build a house against the night struck, the zombies outside the house, the spider on your eyeing ... you sure you still live HOLD it?

Minecraft from the PC to PE although reduced a lot of content, but do not underestimate its creation mode, portable version is the same can blind you blind eyes! Create a unique mode of flight can be more convenient for players to create operations, together with the players on the horizon to break through the imagination, childhood dream city of the sky, the solemn sacred church, magnificent European castle ... ... only you can not think of, no You can not do it.

Without any guidance from novices, throw you directly to desert island, give you a bunch of square materials, which is abandoned? Not! In fact, when I first thought of God to create this world, but also the confusion with it. Well, the small virtue of collecting narcissism is precisely because of the game content of just under 20 MB, it is more to stimulate the curPhoneity and creativity of players. Players all over the world use plug-ins, online and share in Minecraft Archive, to make this game showed a colorful charm.

Just add a little inspiration, a little imagination, a little effort, nothing in Minecraft is impossible. This is the god-level game to play not the picture, but to allow players to truly integrate into the game's ultimate gaming experience, which is probably the player in the Minecraft version for several years are not tired of the secret bar.- APKAward.com