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Dream League Soccer 2018 Description

Dream League Soccer 2018 through the tailor-made 3D engine, you can restore the most realistic game screen, whether it is a panoramic view of the game, or close-up shots, consistent and smooth action players, dribbling shots one after another, players seem to appreciate a real football Competition, but at the same time real-time participation in the field of tactical decision-making. In addition to real-time events, shooting has been completed in the event, the goal can also be enjoyed through 3D playback, will not miss any moments.-aPkaward.com

The game's screen performance is still quite good, although the 3D player model is far from exquisite, but it can probably show the characteristics of each star, football player can make people who are familiar with the direct recognition, which in the mobile platform Already hard to come by In addition, the interface design of the game is also very simple and concise, the layout of the color with a very reasonable, coupled with the rendering of the stadium atmosphere in place, it can be said for this picture in the same football game has reached the highest level.

The music performance of the game is equally remarkable, the use of pop songs as the background music of the game seems to have become the basic standard in football games, the game contains a few of the first pop music is very passionate, and equally passionate Football has formed a very good interaction.

The game uses a dual mode of play, players either as a team manager to manage, you can actually enter the game to operate. Game management is divided into player transfers, player training and team building in three parts, including the transfer is used to buy and sell the player, you can find the transfer market to find their team the players needed, and then Use gold coins to buy, you can sell some do not like players in exchange for gold, and these transactions are carried out with other players online, interactive or quite strong.

The game uses the season mode, each season the team board will give you some goals and tasks, to achieve these goals will be able to get the corresponding gold reward. The tactical system in the game is still very simplified, only a simple choice of formation and player arrangements, there is not much space to study. The game for the use of virtual joystick + key combinations, including B key to control short pass, A key to control long pass and shot, C key is to pick pass, the joystick is to control the player's movement.

The game for the players to prepare six major partitions, seven cup waiting to challenge, in addition to single mode, the game also includes multiplayer mode, players can play in multiplayer with other players, but before the best Or first in the single mode to create a set of the strongest lineup, at least not in the ability value of the disadvantage. This picture can only be described as barely pass, but the game's audio and commentary production level is still very much praise, especially when listening to explain the game, there is a feeling of watching.